Light the World! Summer Institute 2021

“The Catholic University of America has determined that it will be unable to house minors on campus during the Summer of 2021. In light of that decision, we have cancelled our in-person Light the World! Summer Institute sessions for the summer of 2021.”

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Light the World!’s 2021 Program will run from June 21-25, 2021

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To learn more about our 2020 program, read this article from the Catholic University of America.



The summer institute welcomes approximately 50 students who spend a week living the life of a college student. In the mornings, they hear from engaging speakers and professors who address what the Catholic theological tradition has to say about the topic for that day (science, art, business, politics, or sports).

In the afternoons, students visit exciting sights in Washington, D.C. where they meet people who have achieved excellence in their field and who can speak about the impact of their faith on their work.

Light the World 6

In the evenings, students participate in prayerful reflections and hear witnesses from the undergraduate counselors about the variety of ways God has worked in their lives.