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We would love your help in recruiting other rising Juniors and Seniors from your high school, parish, home school group, etc. Please email the Program Coordinator to be considered for this program. You can also always nominate a friend to apply!

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Light the World! Offices look forward to visits from our LtW Alumni! Let us know if you will be in the area so we can make sure to welcome you back to campus. If you come to DC for the March for Life or class trip, be sure to share that with us and we will let you know if we plan to stop by your school or parish.

To schedule an official admissions visit at Catholic U, please see the admission page

Applying to Catholic U

If you enjoyed Light the World! Summer institute, you should consider making Catholic U your home. The Catholic University of America offers a similar mission to LtW and you can find more information on applying here

We would love to be able to use the resources of the School of Theology and Religious Studies and the University to help you through your application process.


If you would like more information on becoming a LtW! ambassador, on visiting CUA, or on application help please contact the Program Coordinator. We are excited for the opportunity to continue helping you along your college discernment and can be reached via email or phone: and (202) 319-6524.

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Photo Album
Light the World! 2019 Session II
July 7-13


Photo Album
Light the World! 2019 Session I
June 23-29


Photo Album
Light the World! 2018 Session II
July 8-14


Photo Album
Light the World! 2018 Session I
June 24-30


Photo Album
Light the World! 2017 Session II
July 9-15


Photo Album
Light the World! 2017 Session I
June 25- July 1


Photo Album
Light the World! 2016
June 12-18



As I was experiencing Light the World!, I first thought I would be a loner and enjoy only the trips and that would be my favorite thing. However, as I met my roommates who will forever be my friends now, I learned that my favorite thing about the institute was learning that faith is a lifestyle that can be incorporated into everyday life. Moreover, my number one  favorite, was having daily mass  with teens my age that have the same love for God as I do. – Carley, Participant 

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