Purpose of Undergraduate Counselors:

Light the World! undergraduate counselors are crucial to our program and are both recipients and leaders of Light the World!  A main goal of the Institute is to help these young men and women as emerging Catholic leaders, and so the counselor training is as much for them as it is for their service to high school students.  At the same time, counselors are essential in pursuing the Institute’s mission of forming high school students theologically, especially in their roles as leaders of small group discussions and through their individual encounters with the attendees.

Roles within Light the World!

  • Facilitate Small Group Discussion
  • Share a witness story of “God at Work in My Life” to a large group
  • Lead prayer and take active roles in daily Liturgy
  • Take part in games, skits, songs and other Institute activities
  • Model faithful and joyful Christian life


Waking up early, going to bed late, and giving of yourself every hour in between. It was an exhausting week, but so fulfilling. For me that is the definition of love – being absolutely exhausted from giving of yourself to another. So for me, the most challenging part of being a counselor for Light the World! was also the most fruitful. – Tori, Counselor and Catholic U Theology Major

Who Can Apply?

  • Catholic U Undergraduate Students
  • Students across all majors who wish to bring their faith into their prospective career
  • Undergrads who are able to commit 5 weeks of a summer to help form high school students theologically and spiritually



  • Application: Interested undergraduate students will submit the necessary application materials which will go live here and on the School of Theology page of the Nest in October of each year. Applications close on Tuesday before Thanksgiving break at midnight. If they make it past the first round of applicants, they will need to complete an interview to be considered.
  • Theological & Pastoral Formation: During the spring semester there will be a series of 6 formation sessions in the evenings that will serve as training in various theological concepts such as vocation and accompaniment, and pastoral skills from writing a witness talk to leading different forms of prayer. 2021 workshops are from 5-6PM and the dates are the following:
      • Thursday, February 11
      • Thursday, February 25
      • Thursday, March 11
      • Thursday, March 25
      • Thursday, April 8 OR Thursday, April 15
      • Thursday, April 29
      • Thursday, May 6 (Make-Up Session)
  • Spring Retreat: Counselors will be expected to attend a day retreat on a weekend during the spring semester to ground their ministry in prayer and get to know the other counselors. For the summer 2021 counselors, that retreat will be held on Sunday, February 14, 2021.
  • Recruitment: All counselors are asked to help with recruitment in two ways:
    1. March for Life: Advertise Light the World! on campus during the March for Life to visiting high school students.
    2. High School Visit: Schedule a time to visit your own high school during spring break or join the Program Coordinator on a visit to a local high school.
  • Summer Counselor Training and Retreat: All Light the World! staff will move to campus on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 to participate in pre-Institute training and return from break week on Friday, June 25, 2021 for a mid-summer retreat..
  • Light the World! Institute: Counselors must be on campus for all two weeks of the Light the World! summer institute and be present to their high school participants for the whole time. A smaller group will be present for the virtual week. Counselors move to campus on Wednesday, June 9 and are finished with closing retreat on Sunday, July 18, 2021.

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