2020 Light the World! Counselors and Staff

Our Counselors

Brady Baylis (LTW ’17 Alumnus)

From: New York

Major: History & Secondary Education

Favorite Saints: St. John the Evangelist, Bl. William Joseph Chaminade, & St. John Vianney

Why Attend LTW! Online?:You get to make amazing friends! I went to LTW three years ago and met one of my best friends as well as made numerous long term friends.”






Katelyn Schnoor

From: New York

Major: Theology and Religious Studies

Minor: Philosophy

Favorite Saints: St. Francis of Assisi, St. Padre Pio, St. Edith Stein

Why Attend LTW! Online?:High school students should attend Light the World! to reignite the fire within them to live for Christ regardless of their future vocation/profession.”



Robbie Cruz

From: Maryland

Major: Media & Communication Studies

Minor: Rhetoric

Favorite Saints: St. Peter, St. Joseph, The Blessed Virgin mary

Why Attend LTW! Online?:Light the World! Online will be a unique way for people to grow in their faith, and meet people who bring them up in their faith.”


Rebecca Algeo

From: Pennsylvania

Major: Psychology & Theology

Minor: Philosophy

Favorite Saints: St. Dymphna, St. Abigail, St. Padre Pio

Why Attend LTW! Online?: It provides them more flexibility to grow in their faith while at home.”




Thomas Dompkowski

From: New York

Major: Theology and Religious Studies

Minors: Philosophy & Communications

Favorite Saints: St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Anthony of Padua, St. Mary Magdalene

Why Attend LTW! Online?: “High school students should attend Light the World! Online because it’s a wonderful way to keep spiritually and intellectually engaged over the summer!”




Nellie Adams

From: Massachusetts

Major: Theology and Religious Studies

Minors: Philosophy & Social Work

Favorite Saints: St. Elisabeth Ann Seton, St. Joan of Arc, St. Theresa of Calcutta

Why Attend LTW! Online?: “I think Light the World! Online will be an incredible opportunity for high school students to build community around our shared faith and grow in love for the Lord in everything they do.”




Viola Lohsen 

From: Maryland

Majors: Education Studies & Theology and Religious Studies

Favorite Saints: St. Catherine of Siena, St. Anne, St. Mary of Egypt

Why Attend LTW! Online?: “Come to LtW online to have a great time learning, reflecting, and building joyful friendships!”







Our Staff


Anne-Elyse Pitre: Staff Assistant for the Program Coordinator

From: Louisiana

Majors: Theology and Religious Studies

Minors: Philosophy & Social Work

Favorite Saints: St. Rose of Lima, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Clare of Assisi

Why Attend LTW! Online?: ” Light the World! can do it all. It can plant
the seeds of faith in some but it can also touch the hearts of those already on fire for our Lord in others. Light the World! challenges people spiritually and intellectually, fostering a life-long growth and a longing for more.”










Brian Rhude: Assistant Director of Summer Programs and Formation for the Lay Apostolate

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