2021 Light the World! Counselors and Staff

Our Counselors

Christian Bordak-Roseman

From: New Jersey

Major: History & Secondary Education

Favorite Saints: St. Joseph, St. John Baptist de LaSalle, St. Vincent Pallotti

Why Attend LtW! Online?:I think high school students should come to Light the World to enkindle the flame of the Holy Spirit in their heart to see practical nature of our faith.”






Fatima Vasquez-Molina

From: Maryland

Major: Theology and Religious Studies

Minor: Hispanic Studies

Favorite Saints: St. Maria Goretti, St, Juan Diego, St. Jose Sanchez

Why Attend LtW! Online?: “I think they should come because Light the World! is an assurance that Christ’s calling can come in any form.”





Erin Huber

From: New Jersey

Major: Marketing

Minor: Intelligence Studies

Favorite Saints: St. Cecilia, St. Patrick, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton

Why Attend LtW! Online?: “High School students should come to Light the World! to develop their relationship with Christ…”






Mary Grace Raddell

From: Ohio

Major: Nursing

Minor: TRS

Favorite Saints: St. Dymphna, St. Abigail, St. Padre Pio

Why Attend LtW! Online?: “They get a taste of what living… the Catholic faith [is like], and, most importantly, understand ways to integrate faith into everyday life!”


Liv Sensenbrenner

From: Louisiana

Major: Theology and Religious Studies

Minors: Social Work

Favorite Saints: St. Peter, St. Mother Theresa, St. Teresa of Avila

Why Attend LtW! Online?: “High School students should come to Light the World because it is going to be SO FUN but also a productive way to spend your summer learning, being active, and making lots of new friends!”





Emily Vasquez

From: Maryland

Major: Nursing

Minors: Spanish for Healthcare

Favorite Saints: St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Maximilian Kolbe, and St. Faustina

Why Attend LtW! Online?: “Light the World! allows for the opportunity to see how ones faith [allows you] to better serve your community as you spread the light of Christ!”





Anna Smyth

From: New Hampshire

Majors: Early Childhood Education

Minors; Theology & Religious Studies

Favorite Saints: Saint Mother Teresa, Saint Margaret of Scotland, Saint Maria Goretti

Why Attend LtW! Online?: “Light the World! provides high school students the opportunity to grow deeper in their faith life… and form relationships and friendships that will push them to grow closer to the individual God is calling them to be. “





Aidan Snashall

From: California

Major: Nursing

Favorite Saints: St. Francis of Assisi, St. Therese of Lisieux, St. Paul

Why Attend LtW! Online?:So many kids in High School lose their faith simply because of peer pressure, but with programs such as Light the World, High Schoolers learn the importance of their faith and defending their faith.”






Joel Defensor

From: Maryland

Major: Marketing

Favorite Saints: St. Michael, St. Joan of Arc, St. Joseph

Why Attend LtW! Online: “They should come to light the world to grow in community with others in the the faith.”







Molly Mullin

From: Pennsylvania

Major: Media & Communication Studies

Favorite Saints: Mary our Blessed Mother, St. Lucy, St. Christopher

Why Attend LtW! Online:It is a wonderful opportunity for high school students, who may just be beginning to think about their futures, see how to apply the faith to all different careers and life choices and a way for them to get a glimpse of what college is like as well!”






Our Staff








Brian Rhude: Assistant Director of Summer Programs and Formation for the Lay Apostolate

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