Why should you attend Light the World?

Witness Faith in Action

Light the World! is a chance to learn how faith and culture interact with everyday activities. Each day you will witness how this is achieved at a locale in D.C. You will have the opportunity to witness faithful excellence in action in business, science, politics, sports, and the arts.

Visit Impressive Washington, D.C. Sites

Throughout the week you will travel to places such as the U.S. Capitol, National Gallery of Art, and a Professional Baseball Stadium and hearing from people who have achieved success in those realms talk about how faith compliments those activities.

Experience College Life

Light the World! is located on the campus of The Catholic University of America. You will spend a week on campus living in a residence hall, eating in the Pryz (Catholic U dining hall), praying in sacred spaces across campus and learning from world renowned Catholic U professors.

Program Highlights:

  • Monument Scavenger Hunt
  • Morning of Service
  • Professional Baseball Game
  • Daily Mass
  • Forming Friendships that will last a lifetime

Light the World! meant so much to me and I had an absolutely amazing time! Not only was I able to meet new people and have so much fun in DC and on a college campus for a week, but I also was able to go to Daily Mass, Adoration, talk in small groups and grow in my faith together with the people I met! – Kelly, 2018 Participant

Applying to Light the World!

Light the World! applications for high school students go live the January before the summer institute and close in April. All application materials can be found at the “How to Apply” tab.

The cost of an in-person week with Light the World! is $475.00, application fee is $25.00. Program fee includes all meals, housing, excursions, and program experiences from the start of the program week (Sunday at Mass) until the closing brunch (the following Saturday). We hope that this cost does not deter any interested participants as scholarships are readily available upon request.

Note that Light the World! will not operate it’s program week during the Summer of 2021.

Information After Acceptance

You’ve been accepted to Light the World! Congratulations!

We are so excited to host you at The Catholic University of America this summer.

You’ll need to complete and return your Light the World! Participant Paperwork. Additionally, you’ll need to submit your program fee of $475 for in-person via the registration page If you are unable to do so be assured we strive to avoid letting fees inhibit anyone from attending Light the World! Please feel free to contact our office by sending an email to for information on available financial assistance.

Take the time to prayerfully consider and then complete the participant paperwork and registration form. To confirm a spot with Light the World! the registration must be submitted within 14 business days of acceptance. Note, Light the World! Summer Institute will not operate it’s program week during the Summer of 2021.

A few items before you arrive:

  • Forms: Be sure to fill out all the necessary paper work within 14 business days of acceptance.
  • Payment: Submit complete payment of the $475 for the in-person program or the to be determined fee for our virtual program on IRIS or by mail.

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