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If you are interested in sponsoring Light the World in any way, please donate.

Wish List

Funding for a week long institute with Light the World has generously been provided by a grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. We have been privileged to watch this program come into being in the School of Theology and Religious Studies at The Catholic University of America.

In order to see it grow, and see our institute host more and more faithful high school students each summer, we will continue to rely on the generosity of others.

If you are able to support our program in any way please do so online or via phone: (202) 319-6524. 


Our Specific Needs:

Additional Week Institute for Light the World!—————————$100,000
(includes everything below)

Housing for all participants for One Week at CUA———————–$21,000

Transportation (Metro and Bus) ————————————————$6,500

Daily Excursions————————————————————————$3,200

Participant Materials —————————————————————-$1,800

Notable Speakers———————————————————————–$1,000

Nightly Entertainment—————————————————————-$830

Scholarship for One Student——————————————————-$350


Additional Miscellaneous Needs:


In addition to these larger and more notable needs to foster the growth of Light the World!, we are also in need of other, smaller items for the success of each week. Namely; Athletic Equipment (kickball, bases, volleyball, basketball), binders, camera accessories, rosaries, etc. A wish list for each of these items has been compiled here: Miscellaneous Needs 

Prayerful Intercession

Above all, our need is for your prayers of support for the success of Light the World! We have entrusted the moving of the Holy Spirit within the hearts and minds of our participants and undergraduate counselors to the intercession of Saint Joseph and we ask you to join us in that prayer.