God at Work in My Life

Due to COVID-19, Light the World! 2020 will be held online. The normal format has changed. Visit the “About the Program Page” to see an example schedule. 

It is essential to the mission of Light the World! that students will be provided opportunities to reflect on their own vocations, and how faith vivifies their lives. Each day they encounter professional experts in various fields who are models of faithful excellence; in the evening students will be challenged to relate  how they envision their faith permeates their lives, i.e., how they will “Light the World!”


They will be supported in this introspective reflection and self discovery in three main ways:

  • Witness Talks: Undergraduate counselors will share personal experiences of God’s work in their own lives to the large group.
  • Small Group Discussion: Students will then meet in small groups to share their own comparable experiences guided by their counselors.
  • Prayer and Reflection: Each evening will close with a different prayer experience that exposes students to new prayer forms and allows for reflection time.

God at Work in My Life

I loved our Nightly Prayer activities and the witness talks. It helps to know other people who you look up to have gone through rough times and have made mistakes. I also liked how every night we performed various forms of prayer and each one was beautiful in a different way.- Lauren, Participant 

God at Work in My Life Themes

Narrating God’s Presence in My Life

Witness Topic: How you have come to understand God’s presence and action in your life

Goal: Expose students to a variety of ways God works in our lives and to how we can discern and articulate that presence

Impediments to God’s Presence in My Life

Witness Topic: Obstacles to God’s action in our lives with actions such as corrosive peer dynamics, alcohol, competitive mentality, pornography, family stress, etc.

Goal: Help students identity ways that certain features prevalent in our culture today- be they imposed on us or self-imposed – interfere with God’s action in our lives.

Restoring a Relationship with God in My Life

Witness Topic: Express the theological and personal importance of Confession and Adoration before students have an opportunity for each.

Goal: Expose students to the goodness of the Sacrament of Reconciliation and the importance of conversion daily, no matter your state of life.

Listening to God’s Call in My Life

Witness Topic: How you discern God’s call in your life and your plans for the future.

Goal: Expose students to the variety of ways God calls us in our lives and to how they can discern their particular vocation.


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