We expect that by the end of the Institute,

  • Students:

    • will be able to discuss intelligently how the Catholic intellectual tradition can inform secular endeavors 
    • will have had personal encounters with people that model faithful excellence in society and that have assisted them in reflecting on their faith and the vocations.
    • will be able to better narrate God’s action in their lives in the past and future, with awareness of the impediments to that action.

  • Undergraduate Counselors:

    • will be trained to effectively lead high school students in articulating and experiencing how their faith permeates their own lives and their various life endeavors.

  • Parents:

    • will have been equipped with language to discuss with their children how their faith can transform even their not-explicitly-religious activities.

  • The Catholic University of America:

    • will become a more mission-centered institution by expanding the reach of its resources to include high school students.
    • will be shown as a premier national University and will hopefully be considered by the high school participants for undergraduate enrollment. 


  • Our Church:

    • will be blessed by young people more vivified in their faith and prepared for ministry in a variety of forms.
    • will be enriched by what these young voices have to say about their experiences of growing in faith.

Help Us Achieve These Outcomes