Not all are called to be artists in the specific sense of the term. Yet, as Genesis has it, all men and women are entrusted with the task of crafting their own life: in a certain sense, they are to make of it a work of art, a masterpiece. Saint Pope John Paul II, Letter to Artists

artOn this day students are exposed to excellence in art, as well as to how religious faith nourishes and permeates artistic expression. This introduction to the connection between faith and art gives another medium for grasping our world.

Faith and Art Speakers

verily-magVerily Panel

Light the World! hosts a panel of women from Verily Magazine. Verily is a women’s fashion and lifestyle website that’s “less of who you should be, more of who you are.” Their  mission is to empower and inspire women to be the best versions of themselves.

They work to publish insightful and relatable articles that touch on all facets of women’s lives: real fashion & beauty, relationships, healthy living, and popular culture. Their content, though geared at women, can and should be applied to both genders across all generations. Verily is one of the leaders in championing diverse, real beauty with their no-photoshop policy and recognition of the  responsibility to affirm life-giving attitudes through our content.

mary-rose-somarribaMary Rose Somarriba

Mary Rose is a writer and editor with years of experience in magazine publishing. Specifically, with Verily, Mary Rose is the Culture Content Editor.  Formerly managing editor of First Things and The New Atlantis, she has written articles and organized events on women’s issues for several publications and organizations. In 2013 she completed a Robert Novak Journalism Fellowship exploring the connections between sex trafficking and pornography. She currently lives with her family in Cinncinatti, Ohio.


lilly-bozzoneLilly Bozzone

Lilly works as the fashion and style editor for Verily. As a model and fashion enthusiast she is inspired to use her work at Verily to celebrate the unique beauty of each individual in a physical way that respects the external and reflects the internal. Lilly currently lives in New York City.






katherine-torresKatherine Torres

Katherine Torres serves as the Art Director for Verily Magazine. Katherine is a graphic designer, art consultant, and professional calligrapher. Formerly art director of The Weekly Standard and Philanthropy Magazine, Katherine has worked on numerous publications and freelance projects ranging from book design to wedding invitations. On the side, she is a natural gardener and saltwater fish enthusiast. Katherine is local to the area as she lives with her husband and five children in Alexandria, Virginia.





Associate professor of art history at The Catholic University of America pictured during interview in WashingtonNora Heimann, PhD

Dr. Nora Heimann serves as associate professor and Chair for the Art Department at the Catholic University of America.

After graduating from Harvard University Heimann went on to Williams College Graduate School where she received her Masters of Art History and City University of New York for a Doctorate.

Dr. Heimann is a specialist in European and American Modern and Contemporary art history, and the relationship between art, religion and national identity.  Her work experience includes curating exhibitions at the Corcoran Gallery of Art (DC), the Knights of Columbus Museum (New Haven), and the Chapin Rare Book Library (Williamstown); and working for curatorial and education departments at the Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), the Walker Art Center (Minneapolis), the Minneapolis Museum of Art, and the Städische Sammlung Schweinfurt (Germany).  

Most recently, she worked with CUA students to curate an exhibit for National Museum of Women in the Arts entitled “Picturing Mary: Woman, Mother, Idea.” This exhibit explored images of the Virgin Mary from Baroque and Renaissance artists.

 lorena-bradfordLorena Bradford Baines, PhD

Lorena is an Art Historian at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. She works with Nora Heimann to organize and lead a group of Light the World! participants around the Gallery in an interactive way.

After graduating with a BA in Art History from the University of Vermont, Lorena Bradford Baines immediately went on to get a Masters and Doctorate in Art History from the University of Delaware.

Lorena has been working for the National Gallery of Art as an educator since 2008. And, in recent years, has served as the Manager of Accessible Programs at the Gallery of Art.

My favorite thing that we did at Light the World! was the Verily talk because of the important topics that it touched on. Many young people, have so much societal pressure and many of these pressures were addressed in this presentation.– Danny, Counselor 2016