If you can’t feed one hundred people, then just feed one. -Saint Teresa of Calcutta

On the morning of service at Light the World!, we take the break from our scheduled week, we pause to focus on service. Every day we engage with the intersections of faith and a certain profession be that science, art, sport, business, or politics; and today we look to how the role of service applies no matter the career. We time time to ponder how the service of others and the working for the common good is necessary across all vocations.

Faith and Service

emmjolee-1Emmjolee Mendoza-Waters

Emmjolee Mendoza-Waters is associate director of campus ministry and community service at Catholic University’s Office of Campus Ministry. She graduated from Catholic University with a BA in Politics and then volunteered for two years as a missionary serving in Punta Gorda, Belize. At CUA Emmjolee worked to develop missionary programs in the United States, bringing college students back to Belize, as well as to Jamaica, Tanzania, Costa Rica, and Mexico. In addition she has a masters degree from the national Catholic School of Social Service focusing on social justice and social change. 

Emmjolee leads Light the World! in pre and post service reflection and organizes local institutions for community service to be completed.

Homeless Food Run

The morning of service during Light the World! splits the cohort into three smaller groups who divide throughout Washington, D.C. Before leaving campus, the large group packs sack lunches with sandwiches, water bottles, snacks, and notes of encouragement to be distributed to 150 individuals throughout the city. This is a service of feeding those they encountered who may be homeless and hungry but more importantly this engages a ministry of presence. The groups travel through Brookland and Brentwood, to Union Station, and to Farragut Square to deliver food and converse with the people they encounter.


The day of service was really fun because we got to directly go out and give sandwiches to the homeless. They are children of God and once you got to know them, it was amazing to hear their stories.Molly, Participant