Every Christian is called to become a strong athlete of Christ, that is, a faithful and courageous witness to his Gospel. But to succeed in this, he must persevere in prayer, be trained in virtue and follow the divine Master in everything.Homily from Saint Pope John Paul II (October 29, 2000)


Light the World! will attend to the importance of naming goals and determining strategies, training, working with others and disciplined practice which leads naturally into the ways that sport can serve in our lives simultaneously as a leisure activity and a way to practice the common elements of a vocation.  

Faith and Sports Speakers

Kevin Reilly

After 16 years of Catholic Education Kevin Reilly entered the NFL with a promising career in football. From 1973-1976 he played with the Miami Dolphins, Philadelphia Eagles, and New England Patriots. His career came to an abrupt and drastic end when he was diagnosed with a rare form of desmoid cancer, which forced him to undergo a major amputation of his arm, four ribs, and a large portion of his left shoulder. Later he was inducted in three sports hall of fames: Salesianum High school, Villanova University and Delaware Sports Museum and Hall of Fame. Confronted with life threatening challenges, traumas, physical and mental setbacks, through sheer strength and will power, Kevin had a successful 30 year career as a senior executive in sales and marketing and Human Resources at the Xerox Corporation. Kevin has now become not only a vibrant sports radio broadcaster for all Philadelphia Eagles games, but also a strong charismatic motivational speaker. He is qualified to counsel amputees at the Walter Reed National Army Medical Center in Washington D.C. and spends his days helping cancer patients, recuperating soldiers, special needs students and victims of life changing accidents.

Ray McKenna, Esq.

Ray McKenna is the founder and president of Catholic Athletes for Christ (CAC). A federal government lawyer for 20 years, and later working for President George W. Bush’s administration, McKenna moved outside the D.C. Beltway in recent years. While maintaining a private law practice, in 2006, he founded Catholic Athletes for Christ, a nonprofit organization that serves Catholics in professional sports by providing retreats, team chaplains and priests for clubhouse Masses. While evangelical groups are far ahead of Catholics in forming prayer groups and Bible studies and promoting famous athletes (think Tim Tebow), McKenna soon hopes to equal their work for Catholics.

CAC serves Catholic athletes in the practice of their faith and promotes evangelization in and through sports to the whole world. They do this by assisting in ensuring availability of the sacraments at sporting venues, such as arranging for a priest for Sunday Mass. They also connect more than 75 Catholic athlete speakers (whom we call “Cathletes”) with parishes, youth conferences, schools and other Catholic groups, such as the Knights of Columbus. They also provide spiritual direction and formation through athlete retreats and days of recollection.

Ray McKenna aides Light the World! in booking “Cathletes” to speak to our students and also engages Light the World! participants in a presentation on the theology of sports.


My favorite thing that we did at the Light the World was going to the National’s game and meeting Danny Espinosa. I had always separated athletes from the world of religion, and hearing him talk about his faith made me realize that having God on your team will help you reach high places.- Andrea, Participant 2016