Every Christian is called to become a strong athlete of Christ, that is, a faithful and courageous witness to his Gospel. But to succeed in this, he must persevere in prayer, be trained in virtue and follow the divine Master in everything.Homily from Saint Pope John Paul II (October 29, 2000)


Light the World! will attend to the importance of naming goals and determining strategies, training, working with others and disciplined practice which leads naturally into the ways that sport can serve in our lives simultaneously as a leisure activity and a way to practice the common elements of a vocation.  

Faith and Sports Speakers

Michael McGlinn

Michael McGlinn is the founder of Face of Mercy, an organization formed in 1999 dedicated to showing young people the beauty of the message of Jesus, the Divine Mercy through concerts, talks, and film productions in the United States. He is a multi instrumentalist including voice, guitar, bass and piano, as well as a producer, arranger, and speaker for Catholic Athletes for Christ. In college, he was the Offensive Lineman for the University of Notre Dame Football Team under Coach Lou Holtz, during which time he played in all four major bowl games in consecutive years; the Orange, Sugar, Cotton, and Fiesta. He has recorded with legendary musicians such as Gloria Estefan and the Miami Sound Machine, The Allman Brothers Band, and Genesis.

My favorite thing that we did at the Light the World was going to the National’s game and meeting Danny Espinosa. I had always separated athletes from the world of religion, and hearing him talk about his faith made me realize that having God on your team will help you reach high places.- Andrea, Participant 2016